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Beta SDK notice: this is a Unity Plugin 3.2.1-beta.1 version, which fully supports iAB TCFv2 and Google UMP according to Google requirements. Use this version only if you use Google Ads, otherwise use our stable version. The latest stable release is Unity Plugin 3.2.0. All changes you can check in the changelog.
Version: 3.2.1-beta.1


The Appodeal SDK gives you tools to grow your mobile apps & games. Adjust is one of them.

Use the Adjust account to track your attribution & analytics metrics from your UA campaigns.

Evaluate your soft launch and other marketing campaigns from the Appodeal Reports page that you will find inside your Appodeal Dashboard.

  • Compare Ads vs. IAPs vs. subscription revenues
  • Get Forecasted LTV based on UA campaigns
  • Find out which Ad Creatives bring top-paying users
  • Sync your retention metrics with your ARPU & revenues
  • Build deep granular reports to find out new growth opportunities

We have two options for linking Adjust:

  • Our Adjust account.

    There is a limit of 10 000 non-organic installs per month.
    If you are planning to run UA campaigns in near future, you can link our Adjust account.

  • Your own Adjust account.

Integration Steps

To connect with Adjust, follow the steps:

Step 1. Import Adjust

Complete all the steps from our integration guide.

Go to Appodeal → Plugin Configuration and make sure Adjust is included.

Step 2. Contact Us

Contact our support team via live chat or via email with the following information:

  • The desired option.
  • Links to the apps in store, which you want to connect.
  • Traffic sources, where you are planning to run UA campaigns.

Support team will finish your Adjust integration from Appodeal side and let you know.

Demo Application

You can use our demo app as a reference project.

Demo App (Beta)

Track In-app Purchases

Tracks in-app purchase information and sends info to Appodeal servers for analytics. It allows users to group by the fact of purchasing in-apps. This will help you adjust the ads for such users or turn them off if needed. In order to track in-app purchases, please refer to this guide.

Event Tracking

Appodeal SDK allows you to send events to analytic services such as:

In order to setup event tracking please refer to this guide.